Industrial rubber mixing leader for 25 yrs.


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Industry leader since 1992.

American Phoenix, Inc. (API)

American Phoenix Inc. (API) is an experienced custom rubber mixer, founded in 1992 with the purchase from Michelin of its mixing equipment situated in the former Uniroyal Tire plant, located in Eau Claire Wisconsin. Now operating one of the largest single location custom rubber mixing facilities in America, we are a major supplier of rubber compounds, meeting exact customer specifications for premier manufactures in multiple industries.

In addition to our industrial rubber mixing capabilities, American Phoenix, Inc. added the Pre-Weigh Chemical Packaging division in 2004. We've designed and built equipment that precisely weighs and packages chemical compounds meeting customer specifications, to be used during rubber mixing. Our proprietary weighing and packaging services are utilized by large manufacturing companies that are seeking both product reliability and economic value by assigning that component of their mixing process to API. Today we operate our pre-weighed chemical packaging division from 5 plant locations. These plants fulfill individualized customer formulations, delivering pre-weighed packaged compounds ready for immediate mixing.

Quality – Economic Value

With more than 500 million pounds of rubber processed and shipped during the past 5 years, and over 1 billion pounds of chemicals weighed, packaged and delivered since 2004, American Phoenix reliably produces high quality rubber and precisely weighs chemicals that consistently deliver true economic value to our customers.

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